>> Friday, December 26, 2008

it's Ida's wedding!
she's my colleague and sits in front of me at the office.


besok pula, engagement ceremony for Fiazah.
and she's the one who sits besides me at the office.

last week was Lyana's wedding.
and she sat behind me.
tak dapat datang pun sebab aku ada hal time tu.

and lusa, wedding si Nana.
she's the one who sits 2 rows behind me.

hum hum sangat banyaklah kenduri kendara department HR bulan ineh.

I'm going to Fiazah's place tomorrow and then straight back to Ptn.
bercuti-cutian sehingga Selasa nanti.
Boy is gonna be here.
same goes for ZZ.
hum hum. wonderful wonderful wiken ^-^


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